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Graduates make up a large proportion of ApplianSys' workforce with recent hires progressing rapidly into positions of influence.

With rigorous training, responsibility from day one, intellectually challenging work, exposure to international business and a whole lot of fun on offer, our graduates agree that it's a great place to start your career. A message from our CEO

Sophie: From sales newbie to leading ApplianSys' US sales operation

Sophie joined ApplianSys' sales team in 2012 straight from university. Having worked in retail during her degree course, this was Sophie's first role in sales. Initially working on opportunities around the world, she has since specialised in US schools opportunities and, in October 2015, flew out to the US to lead ApplianSys' development of a local sales presence.

Did you always want to work in Sales?

Before joining ApplianSys, I had very little knowledge of what sales really was. One of the things that drew me to the role was that I'd get to talk to lots of different people from all around the world. I've always enjoyed this but my confidence has grown rapidly at ApplianSys. With a very consultative sales process, it's essential to enjoy communicating, building relationships and thinking on your feet to respond to customer needs.

Don't you need to be pushy to work in sales?

That's one of the most pleasing aspects of sales at ApplianSys: we're not looking to 'push product'. Ours is a very complex sales process and 'closing' a sale is built into a sophisticated consultation that takes place over many interactions. I spend most of my time educating customers, helping them to understand their requirement and solving complicated problems. It's a fascinating process that requires you to pay really close attention to detail, build genuine relationships with your prospects and truly understand buyer psychology. It's intellectually challenging and this makes it far more rewarding than playing the numbers game of trying to sell commodity items to hundreds of prospects a day.

So you need to be technically minded to sell ApplianSys products?

I was a little worried about this before joining ApplianSys. It would have been fair to describe me as 'technically challenged' on day one and I'm sure that the grads I joined with were in a similar position. But with training and guidance from technical colleagues, and by just putting my brain to it, it's been a lot easier than I thought to get a solid grasp of technology. It's definitely helpful learning together with other graduates, we've grown together. And it's not like we need to know all the technical detail, there are plenty of ApplianSys engineers to turn to for help when needed.

Where will this job take your career?

Well, this isn't really a 'Grad scheme' I've been working on real prospects from day one and I've been given increasing responsibility since then: from small opportunities to large, on to leading our Schools sector team and now establishing the US office. It's been rapid and I'm really motivated to develop our caching appliance into the de-facto market leading product for schools worldwide. Watch this space!

I'm also confident about life after ApplianSys. The training that I've received is explicitly geared to develop me into the kind of salesperson that tech vendors see as the only kind worth employing. Confident relationship builders that are comfortable dealing with complex solutions and customer psychology.

What type of character should apply for an ApplianSys Sales Job?

I'd recommend ApplianSys to seriously ambitious grads who enjoy an intellectual challenge. We decided years ago that "good isn't good enough" and you need the drive to live up to this mantra. Unusually, for sales teams, we're not really competing with each other in a cut-throat competition. We work collaboratively, building on each-other's growing expertise to smash our collective targets.

But it's not all work, work, work... across ApplianSys and especially amongst the graduates, we grow together in work and play. There's always a group heading out for drinks after a challenging week in the office!

Callum: From theory to real-world software development

Is being a developer at ApplianSys what you imagined it would be?

One of the most surprising aspects of the job is variety, in terms of the complexity and where, within the software, I'm working. In minutes I can go from tweaking a bit of JavaScript at the high end to investigating a bug deep in the system. If I'd found a web development job, it's likely I'd have been working at the high end all the time.

What's different from Uni?

The biggest difference is that my work is actually used... in the real world! At university I'd put a huge amount of time and effort into a project and I'd be really proud of the end-result. But the only other person who would see this is my lecturer and once the module was over, I'd not think of the project again. Now, every little thing I do makes it into a product that is deployed thousands of time, all over the world!

Is developing software for real a lonely job?

Whilst we don't explicitly do 'Peer Programming' we have a very collaborative team. Everyone's always turning around and nudging their neighbour for help. The whole team is happy to help each-other. We have a system of 'Code Reviews' whereby, before any code is committed to the system, a colleague checks it over to ensure the code remains consistent, coherent and human readable. I've even reviewed code from our Senior Developers and they all seem to value my input.

Outside the development team, what's it like at ApplianSys?

Everyone's very friendly and welcoming. The company is very 'open', we have a Monthly Team meeting where all sorts of information is shared that I would have assumed would be kept under-wraps. Because I know how we're performing financially, where our sales are coming from and any issues we've had in Operations, I can really see the impact that we have on each other's work. That's fascinating!

What skills have you developed whilst at ApplianSys?

Managing time is a big deal. Obviously, I had to stick to deadlines at Uni, but they tended to be further in the future for bigger tasks. In the real world you have far more smaller tasks, each with it's own deadline. It's really highlighted the value of time and shown me how much can be accomplished in a comparatively short space of time.

Where can your career at ApplianSys go from here?

Well, I've been here less than 1 year so initially I expect to continue doing what I'm doing right now but faster, better and on even more complex tasks. One of the best things about our Development team is that everything is out in the open so I have visibility of engineering direction and can contribute to the thinking on things like System Design and Architecture. Perhaps I'll move on to take responsibility for those areas in future.

Alex: From Junior Support Engineer to problem-solving 'machine'

Alex joined ApplianSys's support team in 2013. His technical expertise was very strong from day one and he's quickly matured into a customer-focused Support Engineer. His ability to rapidly solve customer issues and close support tickets at a consistently high rate has earned Alex the nickname "The Machine".

What attracted you to working at ApplianSys?

I chose my degree course because other Computer Science courses were more theory than practice: I wanted something hands on. So when it came to looking for my first job after graduation, I really wanted to get stuck into real-world technology. I was attracted to the promise of responsibility and dealing with lots of real customers with real problems. That's exactly what I got at ApplianSys.

Whilst my course gave me a good basis of tech skills, ApplianSys has developed work/life skills: customer service, setting expectations, commercial awareness, relationship management and translating technical information into simpler language. It's fascinating talking to customers all over the world.

How did your degree prepare you for working at ApplianSys?

I learnt about routers and switches in great detail at uni, but the exposure to real deployments in real customers' networks is priceless. Unlike some other 'Graduate Scheme' jobs, this isn't an extension of university with day-after-day of lessons and role-playing. I was very quickly trusted with support tickets - and not just the easy ones!

Because our customers are all over the world, to succeed at ApplianSys you need strong problem solving skills. It's not a case of one solution working for the same problem in every network. I had to just get stuck in and put my problem solving skills to the test. That's not to say I was on my own, I had a team of more experienced colleagues to draw on for advice. And this collaborative approach works both ways. It isn't just a case of me using more experienced colleagues when I need them: they value my input on bigger challenges.

So, are you just dealing with customer issues all day?

Whilst much of my job is about reacting to customer problems as they arise, I've also worked on some really satisfying platform migration tasks. These have been an opportunity see a project through from start to finish rather than just getting involved when a customer has a problem. I also really enjoy internal IT projects for the chance to focus on improvements rather than fixes.

Who should apply to be an ApplianSys Support Engineer?

If you're a strong networking problem solver, conscientious and looking for a proper challenge, ApplianSys is great place to start your career. And because ApplianSys is part of one team, there are serious opportunities to influence work in other functions, drive projects outside the world of support and even move into software development.

It's easy to get lost in a corporate structure, there's no chance of that here! Everyone has an important role to play and can genuinely influence the company's success.

Message from Mike, ApplianSys CEO

Throughout my life, I’ve cared deeply about helping people to learn, to succeed and to be happy. As a boy, I dreamed of creating a business which was special to work in, and I still have a dream of founding a special school some day.

So I get real satisfaction that many ApplianSys employees and alumni have felt we have something special here. Many have said it’s the best company they have worked for – and that’s not just the people who’ve never worked anywhere else!

I’ve been fortunate to work in many companies, large and small. If I have to sum up what’s different for young people joining ApplianSys, it would be:

Our commitment to managing people’s performance and development

Early on in ApplianSys history we gained “Investors In People” accreditation and were described by IIP as "the most sophisticated small business we have ever seen". What they meant was: we had impressive systems and frameworks for doing this stuff.

But lots of companies have good systems. What makes the difference is how you use them. At ApplianSys, we’ve sustained effort across the company over many years, a continuous drive for improvement. We’ve agreed we’re aiming for Excellent performance, and we work together to understand how that is different from simply good performance.

So managers – and other team-mates – work harder at managing and developing people here than in most companies. They spend more time on it. And managers are themselves always working at being better managers – we do lots of development activity on that as well.

Real responsibility and the chance to make a difference

People who come to ApplianSys to be trained, whether graduate recruits, apprentices, placement students or summer interns, often comment that their friends in other companies are having a very different experience.

We're not a large company. We don’t have the luxury of taking on people to put them in a corner, with invented projects or low value work and half-hearted supervision. You may be a trainee, but you have a real job. You quickly get as much responsibility and intellectual challenge as you demonstrate you can handle.

Career acceleration

Because of this, and the open, high-involvement way we do things, graduates get exposure to all aspects of business. Whatever your role at ApplianSys, you will develop core general business skills like personal organisation, communication, project management and teamwork skills to advanced levels.

Our rigorous, structured training programme is proven to accelerate junior employees towards becoming high-performing sophisticated professionals. We have people who joined us aged 16 who are now well developed managers at just 21 years of age. Most developing employees see their remuneration move upwards frequently and – for those that eventually move on after a few years – many have commanded 2, 3 or even 4 times the salary they started here with. If you stick the course, ApplianSys will add value to you.

How much people enjoy working here

We spend too much of our waking lives at work for it simply to be a means to paying the bills or advancing towards some future goal. It should be something you enjoy for its own sake.

Many people working at ApplianSys say it feels like being part of a big family – a happy one! That’s because:

  • You get to work with a bright, energetic team of people from all around the world, who are interesting and fun to be part of.
  • The company is strong on positive values – openness, integrity, teamwork, caring about each other and being nice to our customers and suppliers.
  • When we’re not working, we work hard at having fun. Jokes and laughter are mandatory. Regular company “socials” include skiing, go-karting, bowling, curry nights or fine dining, backed up a pretty energetic informal social scene. The annual Christmas party is a big event which happens any time between March and September.

If you are prepared to put a lot in, you will get a lot out of working at ApplianSys.

"We don't hard sell, we don't pester and we definitely don't push product. We build genuine relationships with people."

Ross, ApplianSys Sales Executive

"When I started, I was promised the prospect of learning new things, which was exciting given my thirst for knowledge. And that's exactly what I've experienced"

Amra, ApplianSys Marketing Executive

"After graduating, I was looking for a career that would allow me to speak with different people, from different backgrounds - and that's what I found working for ApplianSys"

Sophie, ApplianSys Sales Executive

"If you are an enthusiastic person and a fast learner you can rest assured that you will enjoy working here."

Justyna, ApplianSys Marketing Executive

"Unlike some other 'Graduate Scheme' jobs, this isn't an extension of university with day-after-day of lessons and role-playing; I was very quickly trusted with support tickets - and not just the easy ones!"

Alex, ApplianSys Support Engineer


Here are just some of the reasons you should choose to start your career at ApplianSys


Q. I studied an unrelated degree, is there any point in me applying?

A. For technical roles, it's really essential that you have a relevant degree. Sales roles are open to graduates of any discipline. We're looking for strong intellect, ability to deliver work to a high standard and great communication skills. Modern languages students find their studies put to good use at ApplianSys but we have some very successful salespeople who graduated in the Arts, Business Administration, even Fundamental Genomics... whatever that is!

Q. I'm predicted a 2:1, should I apply?

A. We're looking for the highest calibre of graduates, but we're not entirely focused on degree results. A 2:1 plus a demonstrably hard work-ethic, high drive and achievements outside university will certainly be considered favourably.

Q. Does the scheme include any training?

A. ApplianSys graduates benefit from a rigorous, highly structured training programme, with intense training from day one and an in-depth ongoing personal development programme. ApplianSys has been accredited by Investors In People since 2006 and have been commended as the most sophisticated small company that IIP has seen.

The development culture at ApplianSys is explicit that "good isn't good enough". Comprehensive quarterly appraisals ensure that training is tailored to your specific needs and mid-long-term goals. And weekly 1:1s with managers provides opportunities to tweak personal development activity and keep it on track.

Q. I want to complete a Masters, can I work for ApplianSys at the same time?

A. The opportunities on offer at ApplianSys require a high degree of commitment and drive to truly succeed. If you intend to complete a Masters, it may be more appropriate to do so before applying next year.

Q. Will I be stuck on a 'Graduate Scheme' salary for years whilst ApplianSys recoups its investment in me?

A. Our graduate roles are offered with 2 staged pay-rises, one at 3 months and another at 6 months. These are dependent on excellent performance and, at these early stages, that's based predominantly on effort and commitment. After this, pay-rises can occur at any time and our most driven graduates have seen their salary rise considerably at ApplianSys.

Furthermore, graduates that have moved onto other organisations have been in a position where they can command salaries several times higher than they started on.


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